Monday, January 26, 2009

Goodbye Lookout Mountain Ward

Yesterday, the stake called a meeting to realign some ward boundaries. They have disolved my ward into two other wards. Patrick and I are now in the Cactus View ward.

Patrick was so excited to get released from his calling. Unfortunately, they didn't release him... They will, they just still need him to do some of the transitional paperwork. It was really funny because at the meeting they released everyone with a ward calling, emphasizing that those with stake callings still retained them. This is when Patrick turns to me and says, "They didn't release me, ward clerk is a stake calling." Then our stake president from the pulpit says, "Yes, Brother Edwards, we will still need your help with merging the wards." It was pretty funny, you probably had to be there though.

So, last night Patrick spent a few hours getting all the records sent out to the right wards since he couldn't do it any other night this week because of school.

My two favorite parts of the night were:
1. Patrick's big concern- What will happen to the stake basketball tournament?
2. While talking to our stake president and his counselor, they found out about his "rock star" days and Patrick even showed them his long hair. They were most impressed.

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