Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've never been much of a "find your answers online" kind of girl. Mainly, because there is so much junk information out there.

However, since becoming pregnant and especially since having this beautiful little girl, I've been googling things like crazy!

It started off trying to find a website that was reputable to help me know how my baby was growing inside. Then, I was looking up information and prices about cribs, car seats, and all the other items a family needs for a baby. Then it was my swelling, then breastfeeding and troubleshooting, then how much they are newborns supposed to sleep, then how to keep a baby entertained, then what to do for a baby that won't sleep, then learning about colic and baby formulas, and all sorts of other things trying to find answers. I think I've been to more websites and read more information in the last two weeks then I have the entirety of 2008!

Okay, so that is an over exaggeration, but it really feels like it.



I will proble be the same way! dont worry I think a first time mother is like that. However, there is good information on the internet it is just finding it. best wishes with your cute little one.

Stephanie said...

My favorite baby book is "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer." It answered so many of my questions about sleeping, breastfeeding, routines, etc. It was a life saver for me!