Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Phoenix Children's Museum Field Trip #2

We had another opportunity to take the kids to the Children's Museum at a discount. We love going there and getting to play.
This was Seth's first time being old enough to play and have fun with all the toys and centers. He thought it was pretty awesome!
And now to the pictures!

Here is Joss and Seth riding in the pencil car.

Seth loved this marble run that used golf balls. He sat and played there for about 15 minutes straight.

This marble run went all around the room and the kids loved watching the balls roll all over the place.

I'm pretty sure this was Joss's favorite this time. She spent a lot of her time scooping up the peas and weighing them. It was very therapeutic.

Here is Seth standing on the grate where the air comes up and blows his hair all over. It took him a while to get on it but he loved it when he finally got on it.

What kid doesn't love legos!?!

Seth pushing the car.

Climbing on the climbing structure. I was so glad that I never had to climb in there are get her.

Stuffing the handkerchiefs in the pipes.

Playing the chimes.

This place is awesome! My kids love going there.

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