Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Glasses

I recently got new glasses. My plan was to get contacts and then a new phttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifair of glasses to wear depending on my mood. That didn't work out so well. :(

My eyes were fine with the contacts until one ripped and I went to get a replacement one. Now if they are in for even 30 minutes my eyes turn red for about three days. It is so sad.

On the plus side though, I did get new glasses that I LOVE!!! I got them from a site that my sister-in-law told me about. Its called zennioptical.com They have tons of frames at really good prices! I got my prescription glass for $15.00 including shipping! And I LOVE them! The only thing to worry about it making sure your script has all the information that they need to make them. Mine did so it was great!

Here is a close up of my glasses. They remind me of butterfly wings/stained glass. I love all the colors and that they are fun, but not totally crazy.


Five Bresees said...

They were really that cheap?! Wow? Does it come with the lenses also? My glasses have been broken for awhile. Thanks for the website :)

Five Bresees said...

By the way, I love yours. They are really pretty!

kedwards said...

It does come with the lenses too! They are shipped through the USPS and come in a hard case. They ship pretty quick too.

Five Bresees said...

Thanks! I'm definitely getting some today :)

Five Bresees said...

Just got my glasses in the mail from zennioptical.com. They are perfect. Nothing is better than getting a prescription pair of glasses for only $11 total :) Thanks for posting this!