Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pretty Purple Cast

Back on Monday, the 7th, we went down to the church building to take our turn helping to clean it. Joss was running around with her cousins and tripped and fell. She wouldn't stop whining the rest of the night and I thought it was because she was so tired. I was wrong. She broke her arm.

Wednesday morning, I noticed when I was cleaning her hands after breakfast and she would cry every time I would touch her left arm, even very lightly. I thought that something was wrong and decided to take her into see the doctor after some phone calls to the nurses line and my mom.

When we got there the doctor looked at her and said that she was concerned because her grip wasn't as tight in that arm and that she wanted to get some x-rays done.

So we took her to get those done. Which was really hard on both of us, since I couldn't be in there with her because of the pregnancy. :( After they took them they said that they saw a definite break and that our primary care doctor would be giving us a call very soon, to let us know what to do.

They called as soon as we got in the car. They had set us up an appointment at a pediatric urgent care and specialist center. So I got us some lunch and we drove there. Joss fell asleep in the car, so I pretty much drove around until it was time for our appointment, about 30 extra minutes.

They came in looked at the x-rays and said she had an incomplete fracture just above her wrist and that she would need a full arm cast for 2 weeks. They asked what color she would want and then got started wrapping her up, which Joss did not like very much, but she still did very well at sitting still in my lap.

The nurse gave her a giant stuffed rabbit since she was upset, which Joss loves now.

All in all, Joss did really great going from doctor's office to doctor's office with all those strange people poking at her and doing crazy things to her arm. She is such a good little girl. And we did get a piece of good news. With all of her clothes on, Joss finally weighs 20 lbs. :)

Waiting for the nurse to come in and cast her arm.

Sitting in the car seat checking out the new cast. She even gave it a few test licks.

Playing at grandma's. This cast hasn't stopped her one bit. She is still into everything and climbing on everything else.

The next day. Still happy.

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Kristi said...

I didn't break her this time!