Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Attempt at Sewing Clothes

A little while ago, I found a cute pattern online for a little girls dress. It seemed really easy to make so I printed it off and got to work getting to use my new sewing machine that Patrick got me for my birthday!

My first attempt turned out too small. I'm not sure if I didn't print it out right or what, but the arm holes were too tight for Joslyn to wear comfortably. So, whichever of my friends has a baby girl first gets the adorable dress that I made!

So, I reprinted it and enlarged the pattern and got started on my second attempt. I was good to go until the very last step. Hemming. I've never had to do it before. Up until this point, basically everything that I have sewn has been pillow cases, quilts, things that don't need hemming. I was lost, so I called my mom and she helped me figure out what to do. Thanks!

With the hemming finished, everything was done. Joss got to wear her new dress to church today and she looked so cute with the bow I made to match. I am so happy with how it turned out.


Kristi said...

Good job! Now make me a dress!

Goldmans said...

i love the new dress!!!

Four Bresees said...

I love that dress. Where'd you find the pattern?

kedwards said...

I found the pattern at Prudent Baby. Here is the webpage:

Four Bresees said...

Yay! Thanks :) I can't wait to try it!