Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In Arizona, flip flops are a must for summer weather and Joss is no exception. Here is a picture of her in her first pair of flip flops!


Ginny said...

those little flip flops are so stinkin cute!!!

Moses Family said...

CUTE! I bought Monica a pair of flip-flops a while ago...of course they still don't fit! lol But I'm such a flip-flop girl that I NEEDED her to have some haha! that dress is so cute too, did you make it?

kedwards said...

Thanks. I didn't make the dress. I got it at Target along with the flip flops.

Krista said...

Her flip flops are ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT!!!

House of Smith's said...

Okay, that is SO cute! LOL.
I love her little toes!

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