Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Most babies pick one blanket that they love to death. Not Joslyn though. She needs all of her blankets. All 8-10 of them. She loves them.

If we leave a room and have left one behind, it is the end of the world! She cries when she can't pick all of them up at one time. It gets pretty ridiculous sometimes.

She is getting better though. Now she is usually fine as long as she has one and most of the time she just wants them to sit on or snuggle up with me.

I was a little hurt the other night though when she bonked her head with a toy and ran down the hall to get comfort from her blankets instead of walking two feet to me.

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The Pritchard Party said...

Hannah's a blanket baby too. She's not so attached to ALL of them, but loves to have one around and is not super fond of only 1. If she sees a blanket... she has to have it :)