Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Office Christmas Party

At my office, our Christmas parties and pretty big. Our first year we went to Donovan's steakhouse and had a really nice steak dinner. The next year, my boss flew all of us up to his house in Utah and we spent the weekend playing in the snow and riding his snow mobiles. This year we went to Morton's steakhouse.

For our appetizer's we got a platter of warm seafood and another platter of cold seafood. I'm not a really big seafood girl, but if its free I'm will to try some new things! I tried scallops, oysters, and lobster for the first time. The scallops were really yummy. They were wrapped in bacon. (Anything wrapped in bacon has to be good right?!)

For our meal, I got the filet mignon and Patrick got the New York Strip steak. We got the yummiest potatoes. They were sauteed with onions in bacon fat. (Again, bacon equals yumminess!)

For dessert, Patrick and I split the Hot Chocolate Molten Cake. So delicious! We were so stuffed when we were done, but it was pretty delicious!

Here's a picture of all of us at the table.
L to R: Lauren (Tony's girlfriend), Tony (Owner), Eric (Office Manager), Patrick and me, Teresa and Jamie (Co-workers and mother/daughter pair)

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Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran said...

What a wonderful company you must work for, and your boss is super! Hubby's company is laying off most of the people, so no parties...Glad you had such a good time and got to eat such yummy things! I love scallops, too, and they are great, even without bacon!