Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I have some new decorations for Christmas this year and I thought they were really cute, so I wanted you to enjoy them as well.

My mother always makes her grandkids a special ornament each year. This is Joslyn's first one. I think my mom did a great job on it.

This is probably Patrick's favorite since it holds his treasured candy cane kisses.

My new nativity.

I hung these snowflakes from the window in our front room.

I'm working on quilting this wall hanging.

This is our tree. This year it has a candy theme.

I took some cinnamon candies and put a hook through the wrapper and hung them on the tree. The red cellophane glows really pretty with the lights.

I made these wreaths with peppermint wheels and red hots and a little hot glue. Really easy and, I think, really cute.

I bought these glass ball ornaments last year at Target and I just love them.

I love Christmas and I am so happy to be able to dress up my house this year! I hope you all have a great Christmas season!

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