Monday, November 23, 2009

Our First Trip to the Emergency Room

Today, I got a frantic call from my sister, Kristi, who watches Joss for me while I'm at work. Apparently, Joslyn had knocked a shelf off her bookcase and it conked her in the head pretty good and caused a good sized gash just above her eyebrow.

So, I left work 15 minutes early and the three of us went to Mendy's Place, that's the pediatric ER near Kristi's house. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long at all and Joslyn was being so good while we waited.

She did not however like being swaddled and her head being immobilized, not to mention everything they were doing to her cut. She cried loud and long. The male nurse holding her down was amazed at how strong she was and she managed to get her arm out while they were rinsing the wound out.

I was so glad that I asked about whether dermabond would work for her because I don't think Joss or I could have gone through the stitching process.

So, all in all, Joslyn's first visit to the ER was not too bad. We were even in and out in just over an hour, not that we want to go back any time soon.

We did manage to get some pictures while we were waiting though.

Joss after they put the numbing stuff on. She did pretty well with not trying to take off the bandaging.

Waiting in the room. I think she looks like her cousin, Grace, in this picture.

This picture makes me laugh. She was standing and bouncing on the bed.

Sitting with mommy waiting to be discharged.

After the dermabond.


Mitch and Jenny said...

Oh my gosh! That is a good-sized cut! Poor baby! And pour Krist too. I would've freaked out if that happened to someone's kid I was watching!

Jonna said...

Oh Kelli, it is always so hard to have your babies hurting. I'm so glad Joss got all fixed up quickly. I hope you are doing OK, I think it is harder on the mommy than the kid even when they are the ones hurt...

Tiffin said...

What a little trooper!

Four Bresees said...

Holy cow! Welcome to early toddlerhood... I'm glad she's fine now! It's funny how quickly they bounce back from stuff like that, huh?

The Tieman Family said...

Wow! That's quite the little cut!- Were you calm or did you frak out?- I would probably freak out

lynsey said...

poor little girl! i'm glad she's okay though, she looks like she was being so brave. :)