Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Joslyn had two costumes this year. First she was an aerobic instructor.

And then she was the bubble gum that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe. And yes, she kept that shoe on her head all night long.

For Halloween, we went to my sister's house and went trick-or-treating with some of our cousins. Joss got to ride in the double stroller with her cousin Matthew. She was not to happy about it at first, but then daddy gave her his keys and we didn't hear a peek out of her the rest of the night. I hope your Halloween was as much fun as ours.


Four Bresees said...

Oh my!! So cute!

Jonna said...

LOVING the costume ideas! So creative!!

Kyle and Katie Willman said...

Those are the cutest baby Halloween costumes ever! SO clever... love them! And your little girl is just so adorable!