Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Under Where?

Joslyn loves to crawl under her daddy's legs. He will crawl out in front of her and she crawls to get back under. She loves playing with her daddy.

Also she has learned that she can walk if someone holds her hands. She wants to do it all the time now. Pretty cute stuff.

Here is a video of her doing her two new tricks right after her bath.


Four Bresees said...

I love this video of her. She's way too cute! She's so petite too! Ethan had a hard time when he was starting to walk because he was so chubby! What are her stats now (weight/height)?
Does she have one of those baby walkers? If so, I'm sure she's super fast around the house!

kedwards said...

We have her nine month doctors appointment on the 21st. I'm not sure what the stats are. She is definitely getting bigger though. I do need to get her one of the walkers, maybe she would stop trying to use me as one. :)

Four Bresees said...

She's definitely tall and skinny :) (like her mom) Those walkers are so much fun!