Monday, July 27, 2009

We'll Be Loyal Scouts*

Yesterday morning, Patrick had a meeting with a member of our bishopric. They asked him to be over the webelos in cub scouts.

For those who don't know, webelos is the transition period for cub scouts to boy scouts. In the regular scouting program the boys are webelos for 2 years, but the church's program is one year long. That means Patrick has a lot to teach these boys in the time he has them.

Patrick is happy to accept the calling, but he is worried about not having the time with school. His plan was to take classes Monday through Thursday nights. He is trying to figure everything out though. He will make a great webelos leader.

*BTW, Webelos is short for WE'll BE LOyal Scouts.

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Tiffin said...

I didn't know that is why they are called Webelos. You learn something new everyday! Cub Scouts is a busy but FUN calling. The boys will love him!