Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sixth Month Doctor's Appointment

Today was Joslyn's sixth month well-check. I took the whole day off work so that Joss and I could have so time together. I miss getting to spend time with her, now that I've been putting in a lot more hours at work.

The doctor says that she is doing very well. Joslyn made the check-up a little bit harder for the doctor, since she kept grabbing everything out of their hands and trying to put it in her mouth.

She still doesn't have any teeth coming in, but that should happen soon.

She now weighs it at a whopping 13lbs 6oz. (5%)and she is 25.5 inches long (25-50%). She is still our little pixie. She did come down in percentile on her height though.The doctor isn't worried about her weight because she has always been small and she is traveling right along the growth curve for her birth weight.

She was such a trooper with her three shots. She cried, of course, but not for long and she hasn't been cranky at all today. That may be from the tylenol I gave her in the doctor's office before we left.

She did, however, rip her band-aid off and try to eat it when I went to the bathroom. She got it stuck to the roof of her mouth and it really scared her, and me! I dug it out and she is no worse for the wear.

The doctor also said we can start giving her a few soft table foods like mashed potatoes or steamed veggies that have been smashed with a fork. By the way, we have started giving Joss peas this week and she HATES them. She won't even look at you if she knows that you have them.

All in all, she is doing great and is right on track.

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lynsey said...

um, the bandaid! seriously, i would have probably freaked out too. wow, she sounds like she is so good with her shots. leah is a mess all day and into the night after them, even when i give her tylenol beforehand.

good luck with the interviews!