Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blessing Day

Joslyn was blessed today by her father. He gave her a beautiful blessing. He blessed her to know how much her parents and her Heavenly Father love her. He blessed her to discern right from wrong, to make good friends, to develop her talents, to understand the gospel, to make sacred covenants with God, to marry in the temple.

We are thankful to those who came to support us in blessing our daughter. It helped to make it an extra special day for our family.

Our little family

The Wilkins Clan (Well those who stayed for photos)

The Edwards (Patrick's father and sister, Susan)

Joslyn in her dress

Big smile!


Kristi said...

So why didn't anyone say that we were taking pictures!

Tiffin said...

She looks beautiful!! It sounds like she received a sweet blessing from her Dad.

We are so sad that we missed it. Amberly woke up at 3am throwing up. Fun times!!

Heidi said...

I actually planned to go, (Rob had to work) but Preston has been throwing up since Friday night. Sorry, we missed it.

Emily said...

Well it looks like it all turned our great, just one question, whats with the saggy pants in the second to last picture?