Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hawaii Day 6- Church/Family Pictures/ Mother's Day

Sunday was definitely a much needed day of rest for us. We woke up pretty early so that we could all be ready for church at 8am. Joss was pretty excited to go to church this day because she thought we were going to be dancing like we did at Friday's fundraiser. She was still happy to go to nursery even if it wasn't a dance. Seth on the other hand stayed with Patrick. He didn't do too well in the nursery on Friday so we decided to spare their nursery leaders and keep him with us. I took Hayden for Kristi while she was doing her librarian duties. It was pretty funny watching people do a double-take when they saw Hayden and I together. You could tell that they knew something was different about me but they probably didn't think it was because I wasn't Kristi. It's always fun when people don't know that there are two of us roaming around. After church, we came home, ate lunch and let Seth and Hayden take their naps while we played Phase 10, which I won! After the game, Joss and I went out and picked some plumeria flowers to put in our hair to match Joss's new dress. Joss looks so sweet. While Kristi and I played with the kids, Patrick was in the kitchen making us some delicious sour cream enchiladas for Mother's Day. They were really good and he did a great job making them. I am pretty darn lucky to have such an awesome husband. Before we left Phoenix, we asked Kristi if she would be willing to take some family pictures for us. We went to Foster's Point on Hickam Air Force Base. It is a really pretty man made peninsula park. When my parents came home from Hawaii we saw about 50 pictures of the huge tree that is at Foster's Point. They both loved it so much and because it is so pretty we decided to have our pictures taken there. Seth was being very difficult for this photo shoot. He just wanted to run around and any time that you tried to hold onto him he was squirming to get down. Add in the wind that was blowing me hair all around, Patrick and my weird expressions from trying to wrangle two wild kids and Joss's crazy faces and Kristi had A LOT of editing to do. Luckily, she likes to use photo shop. :) Here is one of our favorite pictures from the shoot. I actually ordered this picture on a large canvas to hang on our wall at home. This picture shows the big tree that my mom loves. We had to take a picture with the tree for her.

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I love that picture of you guys! So pretty!