Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seth's New High Chair

We never got Joss a high chair. She was always small enough to sit in the bumbo that we were borrowing. It had a little snack tray, so we just used that. It even later became a little booster seat for her.
When we were done using it we gave it back and didn't have one with Seth. So, we went and bought him a high chair.
Here he is sitting in it for the first time. He thought he was hot stuff getting to sit at the table.

Our doctor encouraged us to hold off on solid foods until he was six months old and then to just skip baby foods completely and start giving him soft solid foods. So instead of his first food being messy rice cereal. He had some banana pieces and some cereal puffs. Which is still pretty messy. :)He is getting pretty good at eating now. He isn't gagging as much and he seems to be getting more foods into his mouth.
Here he is eating some applesauce. He loved the applesauce.

He also loves pizza crust and frosting. It is so much fun to see his reactions to different foods. He is also a LOT messier than Joss. Which I was expecting. Joss was a very clean eater for the most part. Seth is just so cute sitting up in his high chair. I love it!

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