Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Year Check-Up

Last week, we took Joslyn to her one year check-up. The doctor says she is doing great. Joss especially loved the doctor's stool. Patrick or I would sit on it with her in our lap and we would spin around and around. She would just giggle and giggle.

Joss is now completely off the bottle and drinking whole milk. She loves her sippy cups. I think she may be addicted to them actually. She screams when I take it away from her when it is empty. I also have to wait until she is done eating to even let her see it, because if she sees it she won't eat anymore.

Joss is also able to eat peanut butter and eggs, which she loves. She will eat a ton of PB&J. She also loved her scrambled eggs the other morning. One thing that is great about having Joss on solid foods is that it helps me to eat breakfast too.

Joss did get three shots. The dreaded ones that sting as they go in their legs. She was such a trooper. She cried for only a second and then stopped when I gave her a little snack.

Joslyn's stats are:
Height- 29 inches- 48%
Weight- 17 lbs 5 oz- 3%

I had a little discussion with Joss at the doctor's office and told her that she has three months to bulk up to 20lbs so we can flip her carseat and she needs to start walking too.

So far so good, she started walking the other night. She is still really wobbley and she mostly going in a slight circle, but she is doing it! Now maybe those PB&J's will help her pack on the pounds.

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