Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, Joslyn, with a little help, made her daddy a little book. It is about all the things that they will get to do when she gets older. I got the idea from my friend Stephanie. She did a similar idea with her son for Mother's Day.

Each night, while I am asleep in my bed,
I dream of the wonderful things ahead.

I dream about our days at the zoo.
Hippos, giraffes and kangaroos too.

I wonder about the tales to be told,
And of the adventures that each book will hold.

I see all the games that we will play,
We will have so much fun playing my way.

I imagine the time we’ll spend on the court,
And how you will teach me to be a good sport.

I know that its as good as it gets,
When you are teaching me all about frets.

I think of the times we will go out to swim,
And I am filled with joy, up to the brim.

And when it is time to tie up my shoes,
You’ll be there to teach me all the new moves.

I know you will teach me to do what is right.
I’ll see your example morning, noon and night.

So, as I dream of all the things that we’ll do,
Know that it’s all because I love you!

Happy Father’s Day!



That is such a great gift. I am sure Patrick loved it. You come up with or find the best ideas. Thanks for coming to my baby shower. It was good to see you and Joslyn. Take care

Stephanie said...

Cute! I like the rhyming. It's a nice touch. Her smile is so cute in the temple picture.