Saturday, October 25, 2008

That Stinky Garlic Smell

Patrick and I went grocery shopping the other day and bought a seemingly harmless clove of garlic. Little did we know that the next day our whole apartment would be taken over by this powerful garlic smell!
I thought that if I just put it in a ziploc bag it should be fine, and it was for about a day. The smell came back! So, I put it in a tupperware container. Keep in mind that it is still in the grocery bag, ziploc bag and now in a tupperware container as well.
Today, I came back to the apartment after our Primary Program practice and the apartment smelled like garlic again! What is the deal with this thing? I'm not so sure I want to eat this garlic. How long will I be smelling like garlic if I do?

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the W* family said...

Mike> Fresh garlic is the best. But if you don't appreciate the smell perhaps garlic powder or garlic salt would work for you.